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Objectives of Creating this Website

This Website has been developed by a group of freelancers who do not have an aim to earn oodles of money out of their efforts, but have the desire to play a purposeful role in society. The site shall have something of interest for everyone - grownups or elderly persons, children or teenagers, students or office-goers, housewives, or any other person with various hobbies or interests. It will be our Endeavor to post neat and clean, informative, educative, uplifting material which will, we are sure, compel you to visit this site again and again. And the beauty of it all is that you can see your own creation posted on these pages, with due credit to your authorship.


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Website Improvement

Suggestions regarding improvement of this Website will be most welcome. Kindly feel free to send your valuable suggestions without any hesitation or reservation to the Webmaster at

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