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Are you working hard enough on your personal growth?

There has been a time in my life that I was only working veryhard and chasing money and personal success.  For I was taught by my parents and my teachers in life that nothing comes easy and that if I wanted to achieve something in life; I had to work hard for it. Besides I was determined to never again experience the poverty that my family and me had to go through during my childhood. There was never any money for anything that my brother or I wanted.

We had to wear worn clothes from others and my mother could only afford to put a small piece of meat or fish on the table once a month, if we were lucky. And, oh boy, that was never going to happen to me again, ever! 

So I worked and worked and worked and I earned lots and lots of money and for quite some time I managed to live a wealthy life with lots of so-called friends. And although there was lots of fun during that time, I had to find out that I lacked a real important thing in my life: 

- Personal Development -  I forgot to work hard on myself And that was one of the main reasons why I lost everything I had built-up. 

I thought that personal development came automatically, as long as I kept on working hard and earn more money. 

Of course my ideas about this had to change and I had to learn to frequently ask myself: "Who have I become", instead of  "What do I have". 

I had to learn to see that what I had become was directly related to what I got.  

Before I lost my fortune, my income had maybe taken a lucky jump and since I had not learned to handle the responsibilities that come with having lots of money, it had shrunk back to the amount that I could handle. 

So, I learned that 

- Everyone changes, but REAL GROWTH is optional 


- To Get More Than You Have, You Have To Become More Than You Are 

May your life be full of magic! 

Ab van Deemter - Passion To Grow,

Reistraat 28, Lanaken, Limburg B-3620, BELGIUM

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