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On the following pages we shall be posting some interesting features  in the form of Multi-media, Slide Shows, Photo Features, etc. etc. and would like to get a feedback from the readers. So, kindly do take out time to send your comments and suggestions, and even your own contributions, which will be gratefully acknowledged - besides being posted on this Website.

The first in this series is a Slide Show where we learn to "PUT DOWN OUR PROBLEMS!" See for yourself, and we are sure you will be able to appreciate the point of view expressed therein.

(Since we do not wish to clutter up our Page overly much, we are not embedding the Slide Show here. So you are requested to very kindly take trouble of Clicking on this Link, to view the Slide Show). You will further be required to click for the next slide to appear. After the Slide Show ends, you may press the "Back" Button on your Browser  for coming back to our Home Page. Thanks!

Be Mesmerized!

Here is something which, we are quite sure, you will not forget for a long time. Do go ahead and watch the Slide Show David Copperfield. May be you will  start believing in Magic!

(Note: You may 'Right Click' for enabling 'full screen' view for better results).

Interview with God

On this Slide Show you will come to know as to what Questions God will ask when we appear before him. It is indeed an awesome "Power Point". Go ahead and see for yourself, where we stand.

Feng Shui

No doubt, all our readers must have either heard of Feng Shui or they might have had something or the other personal to do with it. Anyhow, we are posting a write up on Feng Shui by one of our associates, who was quite impressed by the art. Read on .... (Oh, sorry, forgot to 'instruct' to Click on the Link).

Elders' Day Out

No wonder the elders can enjoy a day out when the ambience is as beautiful as that provided at Dr. Khehra's Farmhouse located on Landran-Kharar road. The beautifully kept lush green lawns and the hospitality shown by the members of his family, including the grand-children, is something worth emulating. And one could not help enjoying oneself in the beautiful surroundings and the company of all the people who have joined together to form MSCA and have a great fun! All the best and hope for equally good times in the future too.

And, of course, there were a lot of camera-buffs too, who provided us the opportunity to put a slide show on the Website. These shots were sent to us by Mr. H.B.S. Chopra. Others may also send their Shots, for being posted on the Website. So, here it is for you to enjoy!


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