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Poetry Section


Halting Trains

Tear into the privacy

Of roofless bathrooms

Lined along the rail-track:

Soaring flights,

Descend into green heartland

Littered with

Thousand tenements:

Monsters of steel,

Buses, Trucks, Cars

Blare their way

Onto the zig-zag roads

Of my City

Noisy, dirty, crowded surroundings

Smother the whispering silence

Of thousand trees and bushes;

Green city offers no solace,

To a thirsty eye, or a tired mind:

City boasts of no ambience

Save in fancy showrooms,

Costly restaurants, Ministerís cottages,

Elite clubs, manicured lawns;

Where poor citizens are not admitted.

Pubs, Clubs, Discos,

Where fairies alight

From twilight to midnight;

Return to their modest dwellings

Dreaming of better HOME

May the hearts soften ,

May the steel protect;

May the ambience embrace

The ugly, the poor the modest.

Editor's Note: The Poem by a close associate Mr. Ashok Sharma, was first published in The Hitavada, Nagpur
on Feb 13, 1994



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