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Principal S.S. Prince Life Member,

Chandigarh Senior Citizens Association

Prayer is the greatest form of energy one can generate.

It is a sort of communion between the Creator and His creation. It amply indicates the littleness of man, as compared with the unimaginable vastness of God who is omnipresent and omnipotent. When all human efforts fail to achieve a desired end, we instinctively surrender and raise our hands in prayer.

Every honest prayer is heeded to and acceded to by Almighty. The miraculous effect of prayer sometimes baffles the human brain. Lord Tennyson, the renowned English poet is justified when he says, "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. Indeed the great truth is hidden in these words. Any prayer that gushes out from the depths of our hearts produces astonishingly amazing results.

History abounds with examples of the power of prayer.

It is said that when Kauravas tried to disrobe Draupadi, her lips moved in silent prayer. Her helplessness succeeded in persuading God to protect her honor. The Kauravas failed in their nefarious design as more and more cloth unwound from her. This amply indicates the power of prayer.

Prince Humayun was sick. His father, Emperor Babar, summoned all the court physicians. They tried all the medicines and herbs on the ailing Prince but to no avail. It seemed as if his days were numbered. Frustrated, the emperor of India, resorted to honest prayer. He walked around the cot of his ailing son and uttered, "I take upon myself the ailment of my son if God only spares his life. "His prayer was accepted. within a short period of time Prince Humayun recovered and Babar fell sick. Soon the Emperor left for his heavenly abode. This episode also acquaints us with the power of prayer.

We have yet another example from the history of Punjab. Once Maharaja Ranjit Singh , the ruler of Punjab was going on a military mission. He himself was heading his army. The Indus river was in spate and his soldiers could not cross the river. At last it was decided to pray to Akalpurakh (The almighty) for help. The prayer bore fruit. The water of the river receded. The story is incredible but a religious­ minded man would never question its correctness since he believes that faith can move mountains.

It is said that the things experienced are mightier than those heard of or read in books. In my own life there have been many experiences which have convinced me that prayer possesses a peculiar power. I will relate just one experience. It was 28 February, 1982, the day we had fixed for the marriage of our daughter. The marriage party was coming from Delhi and reception of the barat (Marriage party) was to take place at 8 P.M

The sky was overcast with thick clouds. In the morning, it started drizzling. The intermittent rain continued up to 7 P.M. I was very worried. Water was dripping from the huge shamiana pitched in the park adjoining my house. Relatives and friends were also perturbed. Some well wishers of the family even started discussing alternative arrangements.

I silently slipped into my worship room. I bowed my head in reverence before the Guru Granth Sahib. My lips moved in prayer. After a few minutes the clouds disappeared and the rain stopped. The marriage party was received at 8.0' clock as per programme. Every one was astonished.

When you are in a state of utter helplessness and hopelessness and are a victim of unfavourable circumstances, pause, ponder and pray. The miraculous results will convince you that the prayer is unbelievably potent.




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