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By Harchandan Singh

As a child and youngster, I was introduced to some very good authors by my mother - who was herself an ardent reader. Two of the books which, however,  influenced me the most through out my life were- “POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE” and “POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING”- both by Norman Vincent Peale. Recently my son-in-law (Barinder) forwarded to me an email which was an article on the “BENEFITS OF A POSITIVE ATTITUDE” by Abe van Demeter. It revived a lot of my old memories. Being associated with the movement of Senior Citizens since my retirement, I found it to be of vital importance to look at it from the point of view of the elders - the parents, the grandparent or great-grand parents and the senior citizens at large.

How do we all feel individually and collectively – with the erosion of joint family system - with children going away - either by choice or compulsion of wedlock or career? How do we all feel with our growing joint pains, failing health or aching hearts - with growing hospital bills and eroding incomes? How do we feel when standing in long queues - waiting for our turn at the hospital, Bank or Post office - with some one jumping the queue? How do we feel with so much chaos around us - the ever-growing unruly traffic, ever-growing corruption, the failing politicians and above all the growing violence?

Can we still keep calm? Can we still be positive? Yes, we can. Surely we can - provided we decide to do so. We must do so – for ourselves and for all those we love.

Positive thinking is an attitude of mind. It is how we look at things. Whether we find a glass to be half full or half empty - is all in our hands. We should surely try to improve things, if we can. We must look after our health; try to improve our family bonds, our environments, and our society. But nothing needs to disturb us - no nothing not even spilt can of milk or ghee. This is what the Doctor tells me. We must learn to be calm - we all must, especially in this age.

Positive thinking makes things easier. It makes them simpler. It gives us time to think clearly and calmly. It also makes us to see things from other person’s point of view. It gives us an edge over the others. We may not be able to solve all our problems - nobody has ever been able to solve all the problems. But we shall surely be in a better frame of mind to tackle them, if we have a positive attitude.

Positive thinking is a synergy. It provides motivation. It provides inner strength. It helps us to win friends & influence people. Positive thinking radiates love. It begets love. It strengthens our faith in God and, of course, in ourselves.


(a)     Limit your exposure to news.

(It thrives on negativity)

(b)    Use positive self talk Use words like “I will”, I can”, “I choose”.

(c)   Be generous in praise and encouragement.

(d)   Cultivate a healthy sense of humor. Don’t take every thing seriously.

(e)   Accept realities you cannot change.

(f)     Trust that there is valuable lesson in every adversity.

(g)    Don’t ruminate about the past. Count your blessings every day. Learn to live in the present moment and enjoy small pleasures.

(h)    Make healthy life style and stay as active as possible.

(i)     Stay connected to people who care.

(j)      Find some thing enjoyable to do every day – such as reading listening to music or enjoying a hobby.

(k)    Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation.

(l)      Be receptive to new ways of doing things.

(m)  Do something nice for some one.

(n)    Set aside some quiet each day, to nurture your spirituality.

(First Published In Hindustan Times)



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