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Power of Positive Thinking

An article by Mr. Harchandan Singh, Secretary General of Mohali Senior Citizens Association, Power of Positive Thinking, which appeared in the Hindustan Times in the month of February is being posted on this Site for our readers who might have missed reading it in the paper. Please Click on the above Link to go to the relevant page.

Glimpses of Greatness

We are posting excerpts from Dr. Gajindar Singh's book Glimpses of Greatness, for our readers who have not read the book. It contains wonderful real-life stories about real people, who are otherwise exceptional. Very inspirational !

Poetry Section

Since there is a demand from our ardent readers, that there should be a separate section where  the poems submitted by them be posted, we have started a Poetry Section for the purpose. We are posting some poems sent by our dear friend Mr. Ashok Sharma for being appreciated by our readers. Kindly Click on the Link : Poetry Section to access the same. All the best !

We have known Mr. Ashoke Sharma for more than three decades. He is a person of intense thinking and extremely acute sensitivity. Our readers may judge for themselves by going through a short-story (a real life incidence) and some of his poems - in Hindi. Just click on the Link : "Abhage ko Bhagyashali Banana Asaan Nahin" and "Satya Sunder Nahin Hota", respectively.

The Daffodil Principle

We recently came across this inspiring story on the internet, and have decided to post it on this Website for our readers, who, we are sure will benefit from it. So, Click the Link: The Daffodil Principle.

Tribute to a Dear Departed

As a tribute to Mrs. Sukhinder Kalra, who was a Senior Lecturer at the Government College for Girls, Sector 11, Chandigarh, and was a multifaceted personality, we are publishing on this Website her book Girte Patton Ka Aakarshan - an anthology of her poems in Hindi. Kindly Click anywhere on the Picture below to access the Anthology.

Mrs. Sukhinder Kalra, who was suffering from cancer, became a prolific writer and a poetess too, during her years of suffering and fighting with the dreaded disease. Her anthology of poems in Hindi "Udaan" was published during her lifetime. We are taking this opportunity to publish "Udari" - the Punjabi version of her Book "Udaan" - on this Website. Please Click on the following Picture to access it :

Mrs. Kalra's Paintings

Also kindly visit the Pages containing Paintings by Mrs. Kalra. You'll love the experience !

Prof. Puran Singh's Poetry

Those who have read Prof. Puran Singh's poetry, would like to go through the article being published on this site. It is a contribution from our associate Navtej Singh, and was published in The Sikh Review a long time ago. Kindly click on the link Puran Singh to enjoy the Poet's wealth of emotions.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Many of the readers must have heard of the Persian Poet Omar Khayyam (1048-1122) whose Rubaiyat are very famous. These were translated into English by a few authors, but the most famous translation is by Fitzgerald. Justice Sardar Man Singh (1887-1949) translated these into Punjabi. We are placing the Punjabi Renderings in a Slide Show for the readers to enjoy the Punjabi renderings of the famous Rubaiyat Happy reading!

Punjabi Literature

For the lovers and readers of Punjabi Literature, we have started a separate section, which may be accessed by Clicking on the Link : Lehran De Haar.




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