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Kids Section

We feel that kids and teenagers - who form very dear part of our lives - can make use of this Website in their day-to-day life. They can learn as well as contribute a lot. With this in view, we have considered allotting an entire section to them. They can play games (online, if they have internet), or go through the material that we post on these pages.

And, of course they can send us their poems, articles or any thing, say a drawing, or art and craft item prepared by you. We shall publish these on this Website, of course with a lot of pictures  - as "what is a book without pictures in it". Can you guess the source? Let me tell you, these words have been taken from the famous book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. (In case any of you have not read it, you should definitely do so now). Here is a sound clip from the book in question:

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

By Lewis Carroll

This audio production of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" was made possible by Wired for Books. To listen to the complete recording, visit the Alice page at the Wired for Books Web site.

(In case the option for Blocking Pop ups has been "Turned On" it shall have to be reversed! Additionally, you shall also have to be connected to the Internet... Sorry folks, but that's 'part of the game', as they say)

What a Great Fun!

Having an entire Website section of your own! Will it not be fun? But let me reiterate, your active participation in the job is of paramount importance!

We are confident that the kids and young folk are going to enjoy their pages tremendously, because they would, in a way, themselves be creating these!

Laughing Baby


Laughing Baby (... so cute): Video of  about one year baby, laugh and laugh and laugh can't stop... Click here : Laughing Kid

Photo Gallery

Shall we start posting pictures of cute kids and of those who have achieved excellence in various fields i.e. education, sports, arts or any other extra-curricula? If you would all kindly send us the photographs of your wards who have shown prominence in any field, along with brief data, we shall be only too glad to post the same on this Site, which will encourage others also to emulate the path of achievers. Thanks!

Here is a picture of two siblings who are Canadian Citizens by birth and are living in Brampton City with their parents from India. The sweet little girl is not afraid of Santa Clause, while her brother appears to be a little apprehensive.

By looking at the flowers in the above Picture, you get the feeling that they are real. But alas,  these are artificial flowers, which, though very beautiful, spread no fragrance!

Play Time!

In case, you have finished your home-work and are also not trying to avoid what your Mom or Pop told you to do, try your hand at playing some Games posted on "Games", (which can be played "Offline"). Have fun!

Online Dictionary

We are sure providing an online Dictionary and Thesaurus for our young readers, will be of tremendous use to them. It comes to you courtesy " So, go ahead and find the meaning of a difficult word or a synonym for some other word which is bothering you.

Look up:


Dictionary Thesaurus

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Slide Show

We have created a Slide Show especially for kids. It is about English Alphabets and Pictures. So, Moms and Pops, get ready for explaining things to the young ones! .....




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