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Kids Section

Some Games to Play!

We feel that merely studying books of your curricula, is going to make you dull! So, in order to provide some "edutainment", we are providing some Games for you to play on your computer. Hope you enjoy doing so. Go ahead and try your hand at any of these.

(In case the option for Blocking Pop ups has been "Turned On" it shall have to be reversed!)

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Let's try our hand at playing Tic-Tac-Toe, that we loved so much to play when the Teacher's back was turned!

JavaScript Picture Puzzle

Come along, and play for yourself this game. Though it will be a one man show, but go ahead and pop the bubbles to your heart's content !

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Okay, now that you are done with Bubble Popping (to your heart's content), for a change, do something a bit more exciting !

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Penguin Pranks!

See what these Penguins are up to. We're sure, you will not help laughing at their pranks. Have a nice time!

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