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By Navtej Singh Chandigarh (India)



I was introduced to "Feng Shui" by a chance visit to a Showroom in Karol Bagh, New Delhi with a colleague of mine. The owner of the Showroom, Mr. Kishori Lal, showed a large number of art pieces and artifacts to us. I was tempted to buy them all , but due to budget constraints, could procure only a few for decorating these in my home at Chandigarh.

Mr. Kishori Lal went to great length to explain the import of placing each piece as per "Feng Shui" norms. It was really very nice of him. Anyhow, I brought my purchases home, all in good shape (by the grace of Almighty, or The Budha), and placed them in our Drawing Room. Posted alongside is a Picture of The Laughing Budha, which adorns the corner facing the main entrance to the house.


Another piece which I procured from Delhi showroom is a Vase (about 24" tall) with beautiful Chinese designs on it. I am posting it here for you to enjoy the intricate pattern thereon.

Just when we were about to step out of the showroom (of course, after having made the payment!), Mr. Kishori Lal, gave a few pieces as 'gift' to me and my colleague, Mr. Kishan Chand. One of these is a "Golden Metal Frog with a coin in its mouth". It was to be placed at the entrance 'facing inside' the house, for bringing in good luck, and perhaps some wealth too!

When we purchased the house we are living in, a close relative of ours, very thoughtfully gave us a most beautiful gift - a chandelier, which looks very nice with the lights on.



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